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Quality Products and service

We use only the best quality products to treat your roof. We are passionate about using the best quality biocide products available as these give longevity to the clean therefore in the long term saving the customer money.

Customers never choose workmen solely based on price but very often on quality. Some are happy to pay more for a product or service that exceeds standard. What responsibility does that give us at DSgo? We need to make sure that you the customer are getting value for money and are more than happy with the service that we provide. In our industry, we are constantly being challenged by people who are cheaper, faster or immediately available. However, at DSgo we are known for our outstanding reputation. We give a quality service at a reasonable price and we take great care of your property. So who will you choose to clean your roof, clean your render, clean your driveway or patio? Or if you are a business, who will you choose to clean your forecourt, car park, or cladding? Some people do not provide equivalent services when offering a Quotation. They offer inferior products, therefore cutting corners. They may not even be insured. Make sure that you are a savvy shopper and choose wisely. #DSgo

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