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Stone cleaning in Chorley

Stone Cleaning

We know how much beauty stone can bring to the look of your property, however with time this can become infected with algae and mosses making it look unsightly . We can restore your stonework around windows, doors and entrances using meticulous methods that can restore the stone to its natural beauty.

Stone chimney cleaning in Formby


Appropriate cleaning agent is applied to the stone carefully and precisely. This can then be rinsed and a biocide wash can be applied to delay further regrowth. Please note, we can also use steam cleaning as a method, particularly beneficial for listed buildings. Please visit the relevant page for more information

Stone cleaning Formby
We always analyse the substrate to see the correct cleaning method and to be the least intrusive. Using correct methods and  cleaning agents is essential to cleaning with care. We can remove all types of organic matter such as algae and lichen. You may also have a build up of general everyday dirt and grime. All can be removed and treated to delay any regrowth
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