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Roof and render cleaning formby

Render cleaning

Over time, render is likely to become infected with algae, mosses and lichens that stain and ruin the appearance of a home or commercial building. High pressure washing can cause real damage to render and also if incorrectly removed the infection will spread or return very soon. Especially k-rend and other types of coloured render are ideally suited to cleaning with soft washing rather than pressure washing

  • Render cleaning in Formby
Render cleaning  Lytham Lancashire

We use algoclear pro which as a cleaning agent and long term prevention biocide which is recommended for use on k-rend to  give longevity to the clean. DSgo have the relevant training in using these cleaning solutions. Manual handling training and chemical specific COSHH training also includes a “3 in 1” softwash certificate of completion and competance, not to mention importantly all correct public liability and employers liability insurance.

  • Render cleaning in Preston
Render Clean Formby

Our method:

Post test patch, risk assessment and thorough preparation, we apply cleaning agents and or biocidal wash by low pressure spray brush using high reach carbon fibre poles.At times, usually on commercial properties, a cherry picker or access lift will be used if needed. DSgo will return any rendered surface safely to its original state, eliminating most stains thus increasing the buildings kerb appeal and value. We restore these surface to its new condition up to 6 floors from the ground. We can restore rendered surface included painted render but please note if paint is flaking, it cannot be restored

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