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Driveway clean Lytham Lancashire

Pressure and jetwashing

You have probably invested a lot of time and money installing your drive or patio and now the time has come to clean and maintain it. Using professional equipment that meticulously cleans your driveway, we have the years of cleaning experience to give a spotless finish

Sometimes after jet washing re-growth is usually quite rapid as the algae etc has not been killed and has likely been spread around. Our soft wash cleaning products kill the growth at the root stopping re-growth and if a biocide treatment is applied upon completion of the clean, this prevents new growth for quite some time.

Steam cleaning
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Patio cleaning in Mawdsley Lancashire


Very often a low pressure application of a soft wash solution with a brush and a light rinse with a hose or jet wash is all that is needed t bring amazing results. We then give yo the option of us staying a biocidal wash to finish which adds longevity to the clean as biocide is active for some time, delaying the regrowth of algae, lichen and moss

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