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Moss removal in Burscough Lancashire

Roof cleaning and moss removal

Moss and biological growth can cause damage to your tiles and roof. It can eat away at the surface and even create issues with your gutters and walls. Also, it can look unsightly and decrease the value of your property.


At DSgo we endeavour to clean your roof gently and with great care. Our preferred method is soft washing  which is not the quickest way but is by far the most roof friendly way and brings about outstanding results and longevity to the clean. At certain times we may use a low pressure wash but this is done carefully and precisely. Our team are fully trained and can evaluate the best method of access and treatment individually to your requirements. We can also provide a sample clean to show you the results should you decide to go ahead. It is essential that a treatment is used to kill the moss spores and leave your roof moss free . Ask for options relevant to your property.


There are two main methods we use to clean or remove moss, algae, lichen and dirt from a roof.

Option one:

Roof scrape and biocide application. 

Option two:

Low pressure rinse and biocide application

There are lots of variables that help us to decide which it the best option for you.

1. The most sympathetic and kindest method for your particular roof tile

2. The customers requirements and expectations. (aesthetic reasons, moss build up problem or both)

3. The overall condition of the roof

4. A method that will give the most longevity, keeping your roof free of moss and visibly cleaner for longer

5. The safest and most cost effective way of accessing your roof. What is needed? Scaffolding, tower scaffolding, cherry picker, cat ladder with rope and harness or can the work be completed from the ground?

This is why a site survey is advisable and good communication with yourselves is important.

What is involved?

OPTION ONE: Roof scrape and biocide

1st We scrape and brush the moss or debris from your roof. (We try if at all possible to do this and all of our work without standing on your roof using high reach poles and tools from gutter height or even from the safety of the floor)

2nd Using a high reach gutter vac we empty your gutters of debris and make sure all the down pipes and drains are unblocked

3rd Floor areas walls and windows brushed and rinsed clean

4th We carefully apply by brush or a low pressure spray onto your roof a professional biocide. This kills any remaining moss spores, algae, lichen and biological growth at its root.

The scraping of the roof can be very labour intensive depending on the style of the roof tile and access.

Professional strength biocide applied carefully and thoroughly is imperative to the end result, as well as the longevity of moss and large prevention.This is why we use the very best biocide product on the market used by well trained operatives with a certification of application, COSHH and health and safety

OPTION TWO: low pressure rinse and biocide 

This is an instantaneous aesthetically pleasing result

1st We carefully apply a soft wash solution to your tile by spray or brush. This instantly kills moss and algae. The moss loses its adherence to the tiles. An instant colour change is notable At this point as the roof returns to its original tile colour.

2nd We carefully rinse the soft wash solution from the roof along with any dead moss and debris (we call this the polishing process)

3rd We clear all gutters and down pipes from debris using a gutter vacuum making sure all drains are clear

4th We sweep and rinse clean all floor areas and walls

5th Spray your roof with biocide which is very important if you don’t want to see regrow this any time soon.

For both options we recommend an ongoing preventative treatment. This is an inexpensive way of keeping your roof looking clean and moss/algae free in the long term. There is no need to let your roof get into a bad way again, yes your roof can look good all the time!

After your initial clean and biocide treatment we recommend a repeat treatment of biocide every two years. This is a quick spray usually from the ground using a high reach pole. This ensures no more major expensive cleaning of moss, algae and lichen from your roof and no more moss damage. The end result being the life expectancy of your roof will greatly increase!

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