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In order to comply with data protection regulations, we need to inform you about what personal data we collect and what we do with it.

Your personal data is information that is used, whether on its own or with other data available to identify you.

We are Daniel and Suzanne Goodall, trading as DSgo Ltd and are classed as a data controller. If you have any questions about how we make use of your personal data please contact us in whatever way is most convenient to you:please see our contact details

The types of data we collect and use may include, but is not limited to

Your name, address, telephone number and email address. We normally acquire this information directly from you, but if we obtained that information from somebody else we will normally inform you and ask to confirm the details are correct, unless prevented by law from doing so.

Using your personal data: the legal basis and purpose

We will process your personal data in the following ways:

1 To fulfill the terms of a contract with you

a. To provide a quotation for our services and decide whether to enter into that contract

b. To manage and perform that contract, and to contact you as necessary in that regard

c. To update our records

d. To trace your whereabouts regarding any outstanding debts

2. As necessary for our own legitimate interestes in promoting and maaging our business.

a. For good governance, compliance with regulatory and statutory obligations, financial accounting, managing and auditing our operations

b. To communicate with you as necessary regarding the provision of services and payments due in relation to such services

c. For market research, analysis and developing statistics.

d. To send you marketing communications relating to our services

3. As necessary to comply withn a legal obligation e.g

a. When you exercise your rights under data protection laws and make requests for information

b. For compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and relative disclosures, collection of taxes, health and safety.

c. For establishment and defence of legal rights

4. Based on your consent e.g

a. When you request us to disclose your personal data to other businesses or organisations such as service providers

b. If we need to undertake security and suitability checks

You are free to change your mind and withdraw your consent at any time but that may mean we cannot do certain things for you

Subject to applicable data protection laws we  may share your personal data with:

1 Subcontractors, service providers and other persons , business or organisations who help us to provide our service, payment and donation collection services, email, webhosting and data back up services; some of which service providers may transfer your personal dtat for regulatory, compliance and governance purposes and may entail your data going overseas.

2. Government bodies and agencies in the UK and overseas (eg HMRC, The Information Commissioners Office, The pensions Regulator) In some cases these agencies may need to transfer your information to other similar bodies including those overseas.

3. Courts, to comply with legal requirements and for the administration of justice.

4. To protect the security or integrity of our business operations

5. If we were to sell the business, restructure or enter into a merger with another business

6. In an emergency or to otherwise protect you or your vital interests

7. Anyone else where we have your consent or are required to do so by law.

Retention of Information

We will only retain any personal information for as long as necessary to support our legitimate interests and to comply with legal, regulatory and statutory obligations. In case of tax returns we will need to retain this information for a minimum of six years after the end of the financial year in which any return is made. Some information pertaining to insurance and safeguarding matters may need to be retained indefinetly

Your rights under the new law:

1. The right to be informed about our processing your personal data

2. The right to have your data corrected if it is innacurate or to have incomplete data completed

3. The right to object or restrict the processing o your personal data

4. The right to have your data erased or forgotten (see retention of information above)

5. The right to request access to any information we hold about you

6. The right to move, copy or transfer your persoanl data

You also have the right to complain to the Information Commissioners Office, which has the pwer to investigate and enforce compliance with data protection law. To find out more about your rights with regard to data protection please go to 

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