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“You’re too expensive”

So today i was told that we charged too much money for a couple of days work. I can see this from the property owners point of view i really can. But before you write trades people off when you have received your quotation, have you thought about the following?

”thats way too expensive for the job”

”how much did you think it would cost?”

”definetly less than that. I had £500 in my mind”

”ok. Can i ask where you based the £500 from? Did that include staff wages, insurance, buying the chemicals, buying the fuel for the machines, buying the PPE, safe access to the roof?”

” Well no, i just thought it would be cheaper”

”it could be cheaper if you chose someone else. You can definetly find someone to do the task for you. Maybe someone who is uninsured or who doesnt pay tax? Maybe someone who does those things but hasn’t invested in the correct equipment so you will get a different effect than you have seen us achieve. Maybe someone who hasn’t invested in training courses “

”oh I don’t want just anyone completing the job and running round on my roof”

”right ok. Why don’t you do it yourself then? That would be even cheaper”

”i work full time and wouldn’t have time. I don’t want to give my weekend up and I don’t have the right equipment”

”no you don’t. We have invested thousands of pounds in the right equipment to complete the job efficiently and to a high standard”

So analyse what you want from the service you require

Do you want someone who is efficient, clean, with a proven track record and excellent feedback?

You would be mad if you said “no”

So when you say “i thought it would be £500 (for example) think about what you are basing this on. You can always get it done cheaper than DSgo. There is no argument from us on that front. We have many people in our business who jet wash moss away and then pretend to add a treatment when really they are spraying water. Cheaper does not mean better, neither does expensive mean excellent. When researching tradespeople, you need good reviews and customers who will openly tell you about their experience.

You want good long term results and a reliable team who turn up when they say they will.

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