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Long term roof cleaning results

We have had some interesting conversations with potential customers this weeK. People who have had bad experiences with a roof cleaning service. They have had it “cleaned“ and “treated” and then the moss is back a few months later. As a home owner, why on earth would you book this service again?

As with all trades, there are good and bad. People who will give you the correct advice and those who are out for a quick penny.

It is so frustrating to see someone who has asked for s quote, only to go for the cheaper option and then them not get value for Money. At dsgo our aim is to bring on board customers who will use and trust us for years to come. We are a small family business using good quality materials and doing a thorough job. This gives you long term moss and biological growth prevention.

We remove the moss. Either by softwash or scraping. We do this efficiently and thoroughly but not necessarily quickly. It will be done when it is done, no matter what our agreed price.

We then treat it With a biocide product that we have used consistently for years. A good product which has proven itself to us over and over again. We give you the details of the product so you can see what we use. We do not spray with water b(which some competitors do to save money) If your moss comes back I think 12 months we will respray it again.

In 18 months to 2 years we will contact you to see if a respray is needed. This is a fractional cost to the roof clean itself. It helps to maintain the clean roof and keep biological growth away. We aren’t going anywhere, we aren’t going to disappear, we want you to be a long term customer. Most of you know where we live and we don’t go away never to be seen again. Don’t be put off by poor roof cleaners. Do your research, chat to the team, ask for references, ask for examples of completed properties. Many of our customers would be happy to chat to you about the service we provide should you wish. How many trades can say that?

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