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Local Pub Restoration

At DSgo we have a passion for all things local and especially our old buidlings. We were particularly excited to be involved with this new project to restore the lovely Buck I'th' Vine pub in Ormskirk town centre. Although ongoing, and we are unable to post a finished photo to the project, we can show you our part completed.

This pub has been a local establishment for about 300 years and is grade II listed so needed to be treated with the care it deserves. We were asked to provide a gentle and sympathetic clean to the roof although obviously the carbon staining that has built up over the years remained and adds to the character of this gorgeous old building.

We are excited to see the finished project which will include a new gastro pub filled with lots of natural light from the many windows to be fitted. We will be returning to clean the old cobbles at the fron of the building and hope to gain some amazing drone footage of the whole job.

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