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Is roof cleaning necessary?

A comment on our social media post stated "people must have more money than sense if they are changing the colour of their roof"

We do not do this. We clean away years of moss and biological growth that has discoloured your roof to the point that people cannot remember what the tiles looked like originally. This beautiful red colour would have been the way it was when the property was built.


Is cleaning your roof necessary? Moss and biological growth can cause damage as the moss holds water and in the winter this can freeze and crack the tiles. It has also been known to eat away at the tiles causing lasting damage. This property looked aesthetically better. And do you know-that can be a good enough reason to complete the clean. We are not harming the tile in any way, we are giving them a thorough yet gentle clean that restores them to their original condition.

Therefore the choice is yours. I know what I would do if I saw the neighbours property looking like this!

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