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Where can I find moss prevention treatments?

Where can you go to find long term moss prevention treatments? Once the moss has been removed, how do we keep it away?

When we create a bespoke quotation for a customer, we always recomend that the roof be treated with a professional strength biocide which is a product which has an effect over time. It kills the moss immediately, however it continues to work over time to self clean the roof and make it look aesthetically improved.

However, some people have had their roofs cleaned by other companies (we arent offended by this!) They may have removed the moss, but maybe they didnt treat it? Maybe it wasnt a service that was offered at the time. Or maybe you have a discoloration due to yellow lichen on the ridges that needs a treatment.

We are happy to provide a quotation for this-the yellow lichen that we can see is a good sign in the fact that our air is cleaner, however it does attach itself to our roofs and can look unsightly. We will have a look at your property and very often our treatment can be applied by the safety of the floor using long reach poles. We can be gone within a couple of hours.

Ask us for some information or book a free of charge consultation and wwe can discuss your requirements.

Need moss removal? Looking for long term prevention treatments? Moss removal in the north west? Roof cleaning in Lancashire?

Call us on 07530 912384

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