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What do slip and trip accidents cost?

Over the winter there can be an excessive amount of algae and biological growth on your business pathways and fire exits. According to the Health and Safety Executive, trips and falls cost employers approx £500 million per year. These costs can include:

Product, plant or equipment damage

Production delays

Overtime working, temp labour and training

Loss of expertise and experience

Investigation time

Clerical Effort

Fines, effects of accidents and loss of image

When an employee or customer has a slip or fall on your property due to a maintenance issue, there is no doubt that you will be held to blame. Call us now for a free quotation on a deep clean on any exterior pathways or rarely used fire exits that need some care. We can provide method statements and risk assesments as standard and the job can even be completed out of hours if necessary for complete peace of mind.

Do you have an exterior cleaning job in the north west area that you have been meaning to sort out? Do your pathways or fire escapes need maintenance?

Call us now on 07530 912384 or look at the website for our vast array of services.

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