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Stone Cleaning

Why is cleaning stonework and property entrances important? Why call in exterior cleaners?

Improving the kerb appeal of a property is unlikely to add much to its value. However property guru Sarah Beeny has been quoted as saying " if you can get someone in a positive frame of mind before they have stepped through the front door it can help to sell it. Buyers look for evidence that the house has been well maintained. Any sign that they will need to spend time or money may put them off"

If you are fortunate to live in a property such as the one above that has stonework at the entrance, it is essential to maintain it and keep it clean. Even if you are not planning to sell your property, regular maintence makes it easier to keep looking stunning and makes a beautiful entrance to your home.

We were thrilled with how this stonework cleaned. We knew it would look amazing but we really feel that this spruced up a tired facade. We carefully and thoroughly clean your stonework. We are methodical and pay attention to detail. Ask us for a free quotation. We will even come and do a sample test if you require it.

Dont let grime and dirt spoil your property!

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