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Should i paint my render?

Ever thought that you need to paint your render when it starts to have black/red or green patches to it? Very often this is a biological growth that needs to be treated and killed. If you paint over the top of it this will trap the growth and it will reappear through the paint. So what can you do to treat your render? We can treat it with a professional strength bioicde product that kills the spores on impact and continues to work over time. Very often you don’t even need to paint once this process has been completed.

Should you paint your render? Only once the render has been treated for the biological growth present.

How should i look after my render? By giving it a gentle softwash with biocide

Who should i ask to treat my render? DSgo!

What is the green or red substance on my render? This is a biological growth. It needs treating and killing.

would you like some more information about render cleaning? Call me on 07530 912384 for information and an appointment to assess your requirements

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