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Roof cleaning in Aughton Lancashire

We are back in Aughton Lancashire today. Aughton has been going through some major changes in the past few years with people renovating and even building new. As part of the renovations we have been asked to clean numerous properties. We enjoy them all we have to say.

Interestingly, we lost one particular property to a local

competitor. We realise this can happen (even though we are the best 😉). They haven’t done a bad job at all. However we have then picked up a neighbours property as they were shocked at the competitors methods. This person was walking around in the roof unharnessed, with a jet washer. He was jet washing up the roof and up the tiles. when you choose someone to clean your roof, we appreciate that budget can be a factor. But don’t let it be your full decision maker. Get someone who knows how to do it safely, with respect to your property and the neighbours around you. Make sure they treat with a biocide otherwise the task is pointless. Look for how they work-see them in action. Check reviews. Ask for recommendations. Research is key. We love what we do. But we ensure that we do it properly so as give you the best service possible. #roofcleaningaughton

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