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Roof cleaning and moss removal in Tarleton Lancashire

We have been to see a lovely lady this week and cleaned the rear of her roof. This was originally undertaken by another roof cleaner in the area using a cherry picker. When access proved to be an issue at the rear, they disappeared and proved uncontactable. An example of pure laziness unfortunately.

We have turned up today and finished the job off for her as a very houseproud lady this was causing a great deal of upset.

When you pick your tradesman please ensure that you check reviews. Check work that they may have completed in the local area. Ask them their portfolio of previous works. How long has the company been trading? Do they have a business address? Do they have a landline?

All great questions to ask. All very well with hindsight and we are all vulnerable and can make bad choices. However we can also learn from other peoples errors and make sure we don't get caught ourselves.

Are you looking for a reliable roof cleaner in Southport Preston Burscough or Rufford?

Should you get your roof cleaned? Should you have the moss removed from your roof?

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