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Professional Roof cleaning

If we could give one word of advice, it would be, do not let unprofessional workers provide your roof cleaning service! We are becoming increasingly aware of people offering to moss remove or roof clean. However there are important questions to ask yourself:

1. Why are they so cheap?

2. Are they qualified to work at height?

3. Are they insured?

4. Are they safe to use chemicals?

5. Can they complete a risk assessment?

6. Could you get in touch with them again if you found a problem?

7. Do they provide an ongoing service that prevents regrowth?

Asing yourself these questions may prevent the heartache of someone causing damage to your roof or providing a poor service. At Dsgo, we very often are not the cheapest, we sometimes have a waiting list and we arent the quickest. However we provide a quality service, at a fair price and will readjust our schedules to fit you in where possible. We are also fully insured, trained to work at height and trained in chemical usage. I know who I would chose!

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07 dic 2020

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