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Patio and driveway cleaning

During the winter our driveways and patios become effected by dirt, algae and even moss. Many of customers actually forget what their patio stones looked like previously as the deterioration is slow. Quite often, all that is needed is a deep clean and maybe a biocide treatment to bring your outside space to life. In March and April many people start to venture to the outdoors and realise that some exterior cleaning is essential. This is one of our busiest times. SO if you are thinking that may need doing, why not stay ahead of the game and get in touch with us now for a free quotation. We can then book you in for spring and it is a job ticked off your list.

Do you need your patio or driveway cleaning? Are you in the northwest? Burscough?Ormskirk?Rufford?Lytham?Preston? We can help so call us for a free no obligation quotation

07530 912384

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