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Moss removal

At DSgo we are experts in all aspects of external cleaning which makes for a diverse range of requests. However we have done a countless number of moss removal from domestic properties and have excellent results with every single one. This property is covered in moss and is in danger of it causing damage to the tiles underneath.

The customer has chosen to have it removed by a scraping method which is extremely labour intensive but a gentle method and then this will be completed by a professional biocide spray to delay it returning.

The house is in a high biological growth area and will

always struggle without control so we have assured the customer that we are happy to return in two years time to provide a top up spray to make sure it stays away. Although the initial cost to moss removal is the first service, it is relatively inexpensive to keep it at bay.

Many companies are starting to offer this service. Make sure that you chose a professional company and do not base your choice on cost. Real damage can be done by people that do not know what they are doing. View our gallery on the website or ask to speak to our previous customers and they stand by our claims.

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