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Let’s talk about selling your house!

Estate agents can very often recomend someone who can get your house looking amazing for sale. It’s amazing the difference that a good clean can make to a property when on the market. Are your fascias and gutters clean? Is the driveway and patio clean? Are the windows clean? All these small details can make a huge difference to the viewing public who only then see a house that has been well loved and taken care of. It’s also important to clean your roof if you can-surveyors can pick this up and can be a negotiation point. We have many referrals from people who have either just moved in or who are looking to move into a property covered in moss and need a quotation. We are happy to help!

if you are looking to pit your property on the market then have a look at it through a prospective buyers eyes. And give it a good clean!

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