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How do I remove the moss from my roof? Moss removal Burscough?

We are in Burscough Lancashire today completing a roof scrape and preventative treatment. The moss is removed as the first job and Then a rofessional biocide treatment is added to delay any regrowth. This was a referral from two properties we completed two years ago and their roofs are still clear and moss free. We have a great reputation in the local area for thorough and reliable moss removal. We love to offer a long term service to our customers as removing the moss is the difficult job but keeping your roof moss free is easy. In 18months - 2 years time we offer a top up spray service that is comparitavely cheaper to the intial removal. This I generally done from the floor using long reach poles. It helps to keep the moss and algae away and is the reason we have long term Hppy customers. Some will offer a pressure washing service and no treatment. This is obviously cheaper. But your moss issue will return very quickly .

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moss removal burscough

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