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Forecourt cleaning

There are many different reasons why people don’t keep their business premises clean

I don’t have time

I don’t have the finances

Its too much trouble

This is definitely false economy .

There is also many reasons why you should keep your premises clean

It makes your business more appealing to prospective customers

It gives employees some pride in where they work and contributes to a good work ethic

Regular maintenance will ensure that your premises lasts longer and can Prevent disrepair or the cost of unnecessary repairs . Inadequate maintenance can result in both customer and employee health and safety issues

If you need to cut down on a service this year due to finance issues, do not let it be your cleaning Slips trips and falls cost employers over £500 million per year. Slippy floors in business premises contribute to this and can result in a number of unseen costs such as investigation time, clerical costs, fines etc

So what is the answer?

Ensure that your business premises are well maintained and cleaned correctly A deep clean to aforecourt ( just in time for the new registration car to be sold) will give the right impression to your customer who is picking up their brand new shiny car and will also prevent slips on floors covered in moss and algae from winter build up

Call is for a free quotation on all your exterior needs

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