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Find time to reply!

As a consumer, we have every right to expect the following when employing a tradesman:

1. A reasonable quotation

2. Quotation provided in reasonable time

3. A good, value for money service

4. Friendly, hard working tradesman

That is your right and unfortunately not a given depending on who you choose. But please bear in mind that behind every quotation is sometimes hours of work. From the initial contact, there has to be an appointment time to price the job, time to collate the information and time to provide the quotation, whether that be by the actual tradesman or a member of staff. It all takes time which equates to money.

All to often I hear people say "such and such never got back to me with a quote" . Some tradesmen decide that they dont want a job or that they are too busy and dont even respond. That is not on. But can we please make a plea to our loyal customers and our lovely new potential customers that when a quotation is provided, you give us the time for a response even if you do not want to proceed. We usually will ask once whether the job is to go ahead or not (we are not a hard sell company) this is just to plan our jobs particularly in the summer when roof cleaning is at its peak. Some customers expect that we can be available immediately and although we will always try to accomodate dates, sometimes we cannot acheive and we hate to let people down.

If a tradesman asks how you got on with a quotation, be kind and let them know either way. Then everyone knows whats happening. Communication is our friend!

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