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Covid19 update

As a small and local business we are devestated by current conditions. We have built our business on an excellent work ethic, good reputation and a good service to our customers. We understand that we are in unprecedented times and health of friends, family and acquaintances are paramount.

However, working under government guidelines means that if required by our customers, our work can continue. How so?

Firstly, we cannot work from home, therefore we are encouraged to carry on

Secondly, our team can travel separately and we do not work more than two to a job. Therefore whilst adhering to the two metre rule, all is well.

Thirdly, we do not ha e to have any contact with you as a customer. Although cups of tea were welcomed under previous conditions, they are now not encouraged or required. Just a wave through the window is more than enough!

Fourthly, the chemicals that we use to clean your home are actually sanitising and cleansing your outside space. One chemical we use in particular is known to kill the covid19 virus. We can even clean your letterboxes, door knockers etc FoC.

Fifthly, payment can be done online and is preferred to protect you and us as cash is known to be a huge carrier of the problem.

We have thought about this long and hard, and we can still provide your cleaning requirements in a safe and effective manner.

Call us for a free quotation. We are far from a hard sell company. We are friendly, hard working and fantastic at what we do .

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