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Cladding cleaning

Your warehouse is just a base right? Its a storage unit? You dont want to spend money on keeping it looking clean?

There are many reasons why maintaining your warehousing is beneficial even if you do not have a great deal of footfall from customers. Over time, buildings suffer from the weather, from pollution and from biological growth. These can damage hard exterior surfaces and cause expense when having to replace or repair.

The simple solution is to have a regular clean in place. We recomend at least yearly. The way that we clean them also makes a difference. We assess each building and think of the best way to tackle each one that will help to preserve it and make it look pleasing aesthetically.

There are many exterior cleaners in the business. This doesnt mean that we all use the same methods or that the same care is taken by everyone. Remember that cheap doesnt always mean a quality job. Ask us our method and we will provide it for you.

We have invested in training so that we ensure a smooth and thorough job. IPAF trained and also trained in working at height, your premises is in good hands.

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