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Cheap roof cleaning

I’ve just had a call from a gentleman who Requested a roof cleaning quotation. Our quote was £600. Another company has charged £150. It was brought to my attention that our price was too high and implied we were doing something wrong.

At DSgo we are very well aware that there are competitors in our industry. There are people doing a good job, people doing a terrible job and all in between. However it’s not difficult to be slightly put out by such a comparison. Our costs are out costs no matter what price the customer has in his mind what he wants to pay. For a days work for two men, this customer required a clean and treatment. So let’s break it down


Tax and national jnsurance

Fuel for the machines (everyone is aware of the rising cost of fuel)

Goof quality biocide to treat the roof. There is no way you get the same longevity when buying a cheap product

Labour for two men

The costs are hundreds of pounds more than £150. Therefore they would come away with nothing. If you want a cheaper job doing that’s ok. You as the customer have the right to choose. However, that doesn’t mean that we are doing anything wrong by doing things in a professional manner. Customers very often think about “what I thought it would have cost” we all do this as consumers. But that doesn’t mean we have a realistic view of a company’s ins and outs.

Choose your company. That’s ok. We really hope you get the deal you require from them. But DSgo are excellent at what they do. We have a fantastic reputation with our previous customers and always do a fantastic job. We very often go above and beyond in our service, we leave everywhere pristine and offer ongoing options. Most people would not expect us to do that for free. #dsgo

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