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Ask a professional

In our profession, we come across many who offer roof cleaning or moss removal as a sideline, an add-on service to an already established business. It is important to do your research when employing someone to do such a precise job. At DSGo we have the training, experience, relevant insurances, and professional equipment which means that your roof is cleaned PROFESSIONALLY. We use high quality biocide treatments that are made to kill and control the moss and algae that can develop on hard surfaces.

We are interested in keeping on going customers-we will keep

in touch over two yearly basis to ensure that your roof is still as clean or whether it needs a top Up spray. In short, we are here as an ongoing service. We are not going to complete your roof and disappear.

Should you clean your roof? Should you remove the moss from your roof? who can you ask to clean your roof in the north west area?

Ask is for a free quotation. We are happy to bring a portfolio of our completed and previous work and our list of very happy customers. Call us on 07530 912384

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