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We could discuss many points about the health of your roof and it being attacked from moss and lichen. We have created many other posts emphasizing the importance of looking after your tiles


there is also another good reason (and sometimes the only reason) why people choose to have their roof cleaned : it looks better. Simple. If you have invested money in a beautiful property you want it to look as perfect as it can. This is where a roof clean can help.

In the image above, it is easy to see that the roof looked much better after a clean. This family are moving house and want their house to look maintenance free before putting it on the market. Thrilled with the result and safe in the knowledge that the roof (which is dutch barn style so is the first thing you see) looks great, they can now move forward with their new life.

Also we are becoming more aware of moss being picked up at survey stage and being required to be removed so is something to bear in mind.

Do you need a roof clean in the Lancashire area? We cover the majorty of the north west-please email us or give us a call to discuss your requirements.







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