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What are the benefits to exterior cleaning?

OK. What are the benefits to keeping your business premises clean and sanitised?

There are many, some you may not have thought about.

1. Something we have mentioned before is slips, trips and falls. Accounting for a large number of accidents is ones in the workplace. Deep cleaning can help to prevent the inevitable claim against your company for a poor environment and accident blame.

2. Cleaning a building or walkways can prevent expensive repair bills. Certain buildings can deteriorate over time and wear away the building. A regular maintenance programme can eliminate this

3. In the case of a car showroom, at a few points throughout the year, customers come and collect their brand new shiney car which has been buffed and cleaned to perfection. What impression does it give to this customer if the showroom and exterior area is dirty, full of moss/algae and in general disrepair? Would they give you repeat business?

4. Your staff will take pride in their place of work if it is clean and sanitised. The mindset of your team can be influenced by dirty surroundings. Poor working conditions will not enhance productivity and can actually lead to health issues.

5. Moss, mildew and mold can adversley effect a persons health. Contribute to the health of your team and customers by removing it and increase productivity of your team/

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