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Wednesday Warning!

So we are on an interesting property today in Southport Merseyside. It has had moss and lichen growing on it for many years and is ready to be deep cleaned!

And so here is my Wednesday warning. Once moss is present in the channels of the tile, it holds the moisture, keeps the roof wetter and increases the possible damage. Most damage occurs during the winter months when the moss has absorbed water and then this seeps inbetween slate and tile. This can cause the issue of ice forming and cracks apprearing.

Shade and damp are a perfect environment to encourage moss to grow. If you live near trees or biological growth you can be up against a constant battle.

However, we offer long term prevention methods which can keep the moss away consistently. After our initial removal, we can return in approx 18 months time (this can be choice, or if any regrowth is spotted) and apply a maintenance biocide treatment.

And that solves your annoying problem! Keep your property well maintained and looking beautiful.

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