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Should I paint my render?

This customer woke up one morning, looked at her house and realised it was green. It had been progressively getting worse over a very wet winter and due to her living in a high biological growth area. Her question and one of many other customers is, should i paint it?

To the inexperienced, this seems like the only solution and when completed it can look great for a while. However you need to examine the reason for the change in colour.

Biological growth, red and green algae needs to be killed at the root stem. If you paint over it, the infection becomes trapped and will without fail show itself again in time. We can give a long term answer to the problem by applying a softwash solution that is applied gently and usually from the floor.

We have excellent results from this product and does give a long term solution to agressive algae.

When red algae dies, it secretes a carotene which can turn your walls bright red or orange in colour. But this is nothing to worry about and will dissipate with time.

DO not pressure wash the walls as this can spread the infection and although it may look clean to the naked eye, the spores will very quickly and agressively take hold again.

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This change in colour happened almost immediately due to the weather helping us along and needless to say the customer was extremely pleased with the result.

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