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How do I prevent moss from growing on my roof?

We are coming across more and more people who are unhappy with the service provided by other roof cleaners. Some will simply remove the moss by means of pressure washing and leave. Small spores can be left which means the moss will return sometimes within a matter of months. This is obviously not cost effective for the customer.

We are trained applicators of softwash solutions which is a product that we have had great success with. A detailed decription is available on our website but we remove the moss and then apply the solution by means of long reach poles. This continues to work over time and delays the moss returning. If after 18 months - 2 years you see some regrowth, we can simply provide a respray of the product. Removing the mos in the first place is the most labour intensive job.

Call us for a chat. We are a small family business with no hard sell - we simply provide a good reliable service for the local area. We have amazing reviews from some lovely customers. All genuine and reliable.

Who can remove the moss from my roof? Who are reliable roof cleaners in Lancashire? Should I remove the moss from my roof? Roof cleaners in Preston? Roof cleaners in Southport? Moss removers in Leyland? Moss removers in Chorley?

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