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Commercial cleaning

So our businesses are finally getting ready to open back up. Dare we say that some semblance of normality may be returning in our lives! We have done previous blogs about the importance of keeping a commercial building clean and tidy and the impression that this makes on a customer base. There is nothing worse than visiting a car showroom, a kitchen display showroom, a home furniture store or food shop that has dirty surroundings-filthy Cladding, dirty car parks, even dirty windows give a terrible

impression of a company. When it comes to making a high value purchase you want it to be a pleasant experience. As a business owner this is your responsibility . I’ve known friends walk away from a pub or restaurant if the outside is not clean , that gives such a bad impression of the business inside even if you are offering amazing food and service. we know the high demands of customers. We have high standards ourselves in cleaning exteriors - ask us for a meeting and a free quotation. #claddingcleaningpreston

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