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Block paving cleaning

Block paving is a smart addition to any home or property. However it does require regular maintenance and cleaning to look it’s best. A deep clean once or twice a year should suffice. However in between this it is essential that some preventative steps are taken. 1. Brush away any standing leaves and debris particularly in Autumn.

2. Remove any visible growing weeds from joints

3. Using soapy water and a stiff brush, remove any dirt or build up apparent on the hard surface

4. Rinse with water

5. Top up the joints with sand if necessary.

unfortunately there is no such thing as a weed free surface. Once your driveway or patio has been cleaned you can be fooled into thinking that it will stay that way on its own. But it takes care and maintenance to ensure that the detritus that settles does not undo your good work .


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