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Beautiful block paving

This photograph of Evans Halshaw in Preston gives an excellent example of a forecourt block paving clean in Preston. It looked stunning when finished. And although this is a commercial premises, the same rules apply when we approach a domestic driveway clean. Block paving can look amazing but it needs upkeep and care. Benefits of block paving are:

Aesthetically pleasing

If damage occurs, individual blocks can be replaced

Suitable for commercial and domestic uses including driveways, pathways, patios, car parks etc

Available in many colours and finishes

It does however need a deep clean, and we recommend once a year. This will get rid of unwanted weeds, slippy moss or algae that can form, and also any dirt that has built up with the general traffic.

We will:

1. Rid the drive of large debris

2. Remove any weeds

3. Add a cleaning treatment to bring out the best in the paving blocks

4. Deep clean using efficient and professional use pressure washers

5. Add a moss preventative treatment if requested. This is especially helpful if you live in a high biological growth area or if a premises and have customers using it regularly.

6. We will resand if necessary but this is not always the case.

Ask us for a free quotation, or for photographs of completed previous jobs. We have never had a customer be dissappointed-that is a fact!

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