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Are you looking for a reliable and professional roof cleaning company in Lancashire?

Roof cleaning is enjoying a bit of a boom lately as a new industry. However some of us have been around much longer! It’s important to pick the correct team to look after your roof-you can cause more issues by removing and not treating it correctly for example. We have cleaned hundreds of roofs and Have the experience to make sure your job is completed correctly and with the minimum of disruption.

Who can clean my roof in Ormskirk? Who can clean my roof in Aughton? who can clean my roof in Parbold? Who can clean my roof in Southport?

Our team is small, we like to keep it that way. However that doesn’t mean that we aren’t efficient and amazing at what we do. Have a look at our gallery on our website to see some of our previous work.

we also clean render, commercial cladding, fascias and gutters, driveways etc. We have a long list of services available.

The last three customers have been people who have bought property and the moss on the roof has been picked up at survey as needing to be removed. Or highlighted as a bargaining issue to reduce the price of the property. It’s very often seen as a maintenance issue and can cause damage to your tiles. See our damaged tiles page on our website for some examples.

Roof cleaners with good reviews? yes that’s us. #dsgoreviews

we offer a great service and although we are not always the cheapest, we are reliable, professional and will get your work done efficiently. #myhomereno

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