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Why Choose us?

I had a conversation this week with a potential customer who had received a cheaper quotation than we could provide. Someone will always be cheaper in the cleaning world. My response is always the same. Why choose DSgo?

1. Reputation

We are proud of the reputation that we have built over many years of successful exterior cleaning contracts. Our customers come back to us Time and again because we are honest, reliable and trustworthy. 2. Experience

Would you choose somebody who had cleaned hundreds of roofs over someone who had cleaned just a few? Would you choose someone who had knowledge of the product that they are using rather than someone who was just “having a go”

3. Training

When it comes to allowing someone to provide a cleaning service to your roof would you prefer to have someone who knew about correct/safe method? Someone who has the correct rope/harness equipment? Someone who will always choose safe method ie cherry picker/scaffolding where possible? 4. Individual requirements

We are always happy to discuss your individual requirements and be flexible where possible. We have an appointment service which is there to meet you, allow you to meet us and discuss what you expect from the clean. This will then be conveyed on written documentation so no communication errors are possible. We will happily discuss method/issues as many times as necessary for you to feel comfortable before going ahead. 5. We are fully insured. Cheaper is obviously not always best. Check you are employing the best people to look after your property.

6. Investment in the best equipment. You can buy a pressure washer from a high street store. This will work to a certain degree. or you can buy professional cleaning equipment which will

provide a massively different service. At DSgo we have invested heavily in our equipment to ensure that you get the best quality service. We only use the best quality cleaning products that are not available on the shelf at your local DIY store. We have also been trained to use these products safely. We are passionate about delivering a quality long lasting service to our customers. We want people to return to us time and time again and therefore dont cut corners with our work. So you have found someone cheaper to complete your work? But are they better? Only Time will tell. Do you need render cleaning in Lytham? Driveway cleaning in Preston? Roof cleaning in Penwortham? Roof cleaning in Aughton? Moss removal in Formby? #exteriorcleaningpreston

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