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Thinking about spring cleaning?

Ok. It’s Novemher, its cold, wet and miserable and we have all had a pretty awful year. However we can cheer ourselves up by looking forward to the spring and what does that mean? Spring cleaning!

At Dsgo we love nothing more than cleaning away the debris and detritus that winter brings whether that be moss, algae or other biological dirt. We can clean your driveway, patio, roof, rendered surfaces, even your brick walls. We are proposing to hold all future quotations for three months, so if you want to get a quotation now, we will honour it until March. This means we can get you booked in nice and early and ensure that you are first in the queue. It’s always such a busy month that at least you can tick that box and rest easy that it is sorted. We will contact you the week before your booking to confirm details. Easy as that!

Do you want a quotation for a driveway or patio clean? We provide these free of charge.

Call us on 07530 912384 for your personal quotation

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