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Should you remove moss from your roof?

Should you remove moss from your tiles? We have seen first hand the damage that moss can cause to your roof tiles. Moss retains water and this can expand and crack in cold weather. Moss can also eat away at the surface of your tile and cause damage. Besides looking unsightly it can also interfere if your house is for sale-potential buyers do not want to have to deal with the issue and we have also known surveyors to pick this up and ask for it to be removed before completion.

Each property is different though and we analyse your requirements on our first free appointment. We can then put together a plan of action and provide a service that will keep your house moss free for many years.

Should I use a roof treatment?

Do not go to the trouble of removing the moss if you are not going to treat it afterwards otherwise the moss could be back in a matter of months. We provide an ongoing service that once the moss is removed we can revisit and respray a biocide preparation that delays the moss returning. This can be added 18 months to two years after the removal. It helps to keep the moss away permanently

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should you remove the moss from moss from your roof tiles?

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