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Should I clean my property before selling?

Most definitely yes! Some potential buyers do not have the skill to be able to see past work that needs completing. In tip top condition your house is more likely to gain the full asking price.

so what should you clean? well the options are endless but here are some of the major ones:


Fascias and gutters



Removal of green algae if you have any from stonework/brickwork

Mossy roof if you can.

moss on roofs can be highlighted by a surveyor. This then gives the potential buyer room to negotiate off the price. If you complete the work then you can choose how much to spend and be happy with the contractor. something to consider when selling. We are happy to complete a presale audit which means we can suggest cleaning areas that would benefit from some care. #exteriorcleaningformby #roofcleaningaughton #roofcleaningparbold #mossremovalformby

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