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Roof cleaning in Preston

Are you looking for reliable roof cleaners in the Preston Area? Today we are working on this beautiful property in north Preston and we fully expect the results to be amazing. We have vast experience of dealing with this kind of clean. It is somewhat of a speciality of ours and yet that never takes away from the satisfaction of a good job being completed.

This roof is full of biological growth-you can see how this has made the roof appear dull and dirty. I will of course update with a finished result image but rest assured that the home owner will be thrilled.

This actually appeared on the customers survey when they bought the property. We are hearing this more and more and surveyors generally advise that the moss be removed. We are happy to give you a quote prior to buying a property so that you can see how much it will cost to clean away. Please advise when asking for a quotation and we can make sure we provide it swiftly.

Do you need your roof cleaned? Do you need the moss removing from your property’s roof? Are you looking for moss removers in the Lancashire region?

DSgo pride themselves on our reliable and careful service. See our excellent reviews

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