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Let’s talk about house renovations

We have had the pleasure and the privilege of being involved in some amazing house transformations. These have been for various reasons

  1. Moving in to a new property and wanting to make significant aesthetic changes

  2. moving out of a property and wanting to give the best chance for sale

  3. Renovating a property that has been owned for a while but wanting to give it a new lease of life

  4. Becoming aware of roof cleaning as a professional service and seeing some other amazing results.

Does any of this apply to yourself?

What are the benefits of completing roof cleaning on your property?

  1. Kerb appeal. Look at the images above. Which one would you prefer to buy/own? Aesthetics to the outside of a property make all the difference. Potential purchases can see that the house has been kept in good repair and may be in “move in” condition

  2. If you and another house on your street is up for sale, which one would you choose to purchase?

  3. Surveyors can pick this up at point of sale. This can be used as a negotiation technique with sometimes double the price fo the service being knocked off. Why don’t you take control and complete the service before this can happen.

  4. If it is your property then moss can hold water and crack tiles as it moves and expands. Take it as part of your ongoing maintenance for your property.

  5. In a renovation, it can make a massive difference. Home owners are often amazed at what their property should look like and how it looked when it was first built. #houserenovation #homereno #roofcleaning #mossremoval

So are you looking to get your roof cleaned? Are you looking for a quick way to improve the kerb appeal of your property?

Are you looking for reliable roof cleaners in the Ormskirk, Aughton, Chorley or SOuthport area? Are you looking for long lasting results and not a company who will jump on your roof with a pressure washer and blast it to pieces? #softwashingnorthwest #softwashing #gentleroofcleaning

At DSgo we are experienced in cleaning many different types of roofs in many different areas. We start with an initial appointment where we can have a chat about your expectations and requirements. Where can you find someone to remove the moss from our property? #dsgo #mossremovalormskirk #mossremovalsouthport #mossremovalaughton #mossremovalparbold #mossremovalnewburgh #mossremovalhalsall

Are you selling a property and want to make sure that it is ready for sale at the best possible price? Do you want to take control of the house sale and not have the potential buyers negotiate for services that are required? #propertymanagement #homesforsale #propertydevelopment #homesforsale #propertyspecialists #sellingahome #movingonup

So why choose DSgo?

  1. We are a small family business based in Rufford Lancashire that have been exterior cleaning for over 20 years. We are not going anywhere-never allow someone who has knocked on your door and offer to clean your roof take the job. You end someone who is responsible for the job that they do and is contactable afterwards.

  2. We offer ongoing services. Ina. Couple of years your roof will need spraying again to keep the biological growth away. We can provide that for you

  3. We care what happens to your property. Ask the long list of many customers that we have.

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