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British weather!

This lovely bungalow has benefited from the DSgo treatment today. With our professional equipment we have caused as least mess as possible to ensure that the surrounding neighbours were not affected by the clean. We always make sure that you and your neighbours houses are left clean and tidy. Its one of our golden rules.

This lovely customer was very understanding when they had to be put back by a day because of the lovely British weather that we are enjoying at the moment! We got delayed on the previous job and had to give in to the rain. However with communication and agreement we were able to keep everyone happy. We do not like reneging on our appointments that have very often been booked weeks or even months in advance. However, we want you to get the most out of our treatments-they are there to make sure you get longevity to the clean. So although the moss removal can take place, we do not like to spray unless we have a dry period to apply it.

We find that good communication and service with our customers is the key.

If you would like a free quotation or even an informal chat about the service that we provide call us on 07530 912384

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