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We hear alot lately about this subject and obviosuly it is one close to our hearts. So why support local business in West Lancashire? Many reasons:

1. Local character and prosperity

Lets preserve our one-of-a-kind businesses

2. Community well being

Locally owned business build strong communities by sustaining town centres, or in our case linking neighbours in a web of social and economic relationships.

3. Improve the local economy. When a consumer buys a product or service locally more of that money stays in the community. Local business owners often have incentive to support other local businesses for both business and persoanl reasons. Chain businesses get their supplies from corporate as well as having store managers and employees that arent as invested in buying local.

On that point alone, DSgo were chosen lately because we are a small, local family business. When we bought a takeaway coffee from a well known chain due to convenience, we were gently reminded that there are local, personal coffee shops nearby providing the same service. This of course was correct and shows that we can all forget at times.

4. Get to know the people behind the service. When we first started out we created relationships with people in the local community that still stand today. We know their families, what is happening in their lives and what services they may require. This of course creates trust on both sides. They trust us to provide a good service at a good price and we in turn can enjoy their loyalty. Its win win.

5. Better and more personalised service. You know us. You can ask us for a quotation and know that there will be no hard sell. You can trust us with your property. What isnt to love?

In short, we can all benefit from gentle reminders to support the people who are putting their necks and finances on the line to provide us with products and services that are unique or special. i provided a quotation previously for a customer and was told I was far too expensive. Remember people that you expect a great service from us. In order to provide this we have ongoing training, insurances, vehicles to upkeep and many other overheads. Cheap isnt always best.

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