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Roof cleaning

Why clean your roof some ask? Some people even believe that it looks nice and adds to the era of a property. However, moss absorbs moisture and and can push apart tiles and slates causing eventual damage. Apart from this, lichen and other biological growth can damage the surface to the tile.

This is a property that we cleaned last year. In a beautiful, quiet, wooded setting, this house looked amazing apart from the roof. Damage had actually started to occur and the home owner was pleased that it was removed before any real problems occured. In a property that is near to biological growth, regular maintenance is always necessary and after the intial removing, we can keep on top of the moss with preventative treatments.

This was the result after cleaning. Although if you look carefully, each tile has a "picture frame" effect where the moss has caused damaged to the composite tile. Still, prevention of further damage has been acheived. A happy customer!

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