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Reasons to get your roof cleaned.

Should i clean my roof? Should i get the moss removed from my roof? What are the benefits of having your roof cleaned?

All valid and sensible questions when you are thinking of employing someone to complete this service for you.

  1. Improve your homes kerb appeal. Particularly useful if you are selling your property in the near future. If you look at the before and after images that i have placed on this article, it is clear to see which one looks better.

Getting your roof cleaned can be an inexpensive way to show to potential purchasers that you have maintained your property well. If you showed the first image to many people they would wrongly assume that a new roof would be necessary in the not too distant future and may try to negotiate down on that reasoning

2. Save money on repairs in the future. Moss and lichen can hold water and cause your tiles to crack and break. You can prevent damage that will cause you costs in the long run

3. Your roof is the protective layer from the outside elements. Keeping it clean can remove issues such as moisture damage, tile damage, and also the issue of once your roof is damaged other elements of your home can be effected-your loft for example.

4. You will not have any clogged gutters as a result of falling moss. Gutter debris accounts for much internal damp issues (along with other issues of course) but keeping the gutter clear and free flowing means that it cant back up and enter your property

5. No more moss falling on your patio or driveway, eliminating maintenance issues and avoiding slips and falls.

Have you done some research on whether you should get your roof cleaned or not? You are probably confused as to some of the answers provided. A lot of horror stories to do with roof cleaning are because people have taken the cheapest quote available or not considered the company employed to complete it. At DSgo we have a fantastic reputation for roof cleaning. We are a local, family based company so our reputation is paramount. Our previous customer list would have no issue in you contacting them via us for a recommendation.

We also clean up after ourselves. We have heard of people being left with a huge amount of dirt and detritus without the equipment to remove it properly. PLease believe us when we say cheapest isn’t always best #roofcleaningormskirk #mossremovalormskirk

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