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Looking for a roof cleaner in Aughton Lancashire?

  1. Always ask someone who is fully insured

  2. Look at their reviews: have they been trustworthy, reliable, do the reviews look genuine?

  3. Ask to see previous examples of work completed. If they are a good company, they will have nothing to hide and will have good relationships with their previous client base.

  4. Ask about the products they use. Are they off the shelf products that may not give you the best amount of time before a reapplication.

  5. Are they trained to work on your roof? Do they have work at height training? Rope and harness training if required?

  6. Are they available to complete the work immediately? Most tradesmen if they are any good are booked up and will rearrange where possible.

  7. what experience do they have?

If you are looking for an exterior cleaner in Ormskirk, Aughton, Formby, Southport, Chorley, Parbold or any other surrounding area we are available to provide free quotations and allay any of your fears as regards completing the work. We appreciate that there are many people who can let you down in our industry and cheaper almost never means better.

We are a company who provides quality service with many happy customers. Please get in touch if you old like a quotation

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